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LabMaster ® 60 pin High-Density Cable

LabMaster 60pin Cable
LabMaster 60pin High-Density Cable

The LabMaster 60pin High-Density Cable is made to connect to the back of LabMaster cards that utilize the high-density 60pin connector.  The connector on the LabMaster cards and the cable connector form a "tongue-and-groove" pair.  The pair is polarized so that the cable can only be connected in the correct orientation.  The cable has retaining clips that latch when the cable is attached to the connector on the back of the LabMaster card.  Two release latches on the cable connector are used to release the connection and hence remove the cable from the LabMaster connector.

The 60pin cable comes in a standard length of 1.5 meters and can be special ordered in a 3 meter length for special applications.

The LabMaster 60pin Cable provides the following features:

arrow Technical Specifications

LabMaster 60pin Cable
1.5 meter
60pin tongue-and-groove
Polarized Connection
Retaining Latches
Foil shielding and drain wire