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The DADIO has two primary functions: digital-to-analog conversion and digital I/O. The DADIO features 4 independent 12-bit digital-to-analog converters. All four DACs can change output states simultaneously (doubled buffered) or independently. The DADIO also features 24 lines of programmable digital I/O.

Applications Include:

The DADIO was first introduced in 1981. It has been available and supported continuously ever since, and is used in many diverse applications including laboratory testing, entertainment digital audio and multi-sonic music synthesis, laser control, and factory automation.

DADIO / ISA Product

Product Overview
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Dadio D/A and Digital I/O Card
DADIO / ISA card
    Product Includes:
  • DADIO / ISA card for inside the computer
  • Win-32 device drivers and LabPac32 library
    Features Include:
  • Full Size DADIO Interface occupies a single slot in the computer
  • 24 bits of Digital I/O accessed thru a standard DB25 connector
  • Four 12-bit Digital-to-Analog Outputs accessed thru a standard DB9 connector
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DADIO / ISA Accessories

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Screw Terminal - 26 position
  • Provides Convenient Screw Terminals for Digital I/O signals
  • For use with DADIO Digital I/O ribbon cable
  • Includes 6 foot 40 pin ribbon cable
  • Not for use with the 50 pin Opto-Isolation connection
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Screw Terminal - 10 position
  • Provides Convenient Screw Terminals for Analog Output signals
  • For use with BaseBoard / PCI Opto-Isolation modules since they use the 50 pin  connection
  • Includes 6 foot 50 pin ribbon cable
  • Not for use with the 40 pin Digital I/O connection
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Cable, DADIO Digital I/O, ribbon cable, 6 ft.
  • 25 pin flat ribbon cable
  • DB25 connector on one end to attach to DADIO Digital I/O
  • Cable un-terminated on other end  to attach to 26 position screw terminal or other electronics.


Cable, DADIO Analog Out, ribbon cable, 6 ft
  • 9 pin flat ribbon cable
  • DB9 connector on one end to attach to DADIO Analog Out
  • Cable un-terminated on the other end to attach to 10 position screw terminal or other electronics.


DOS Device Driver and LabPac for DOS
  • DOS, TSR Driver
  • LabPac function library
  • Callable from all DOS languages
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Windows Device Driver
  • 32-bit kernel mode driver
  • WDM driver supports Win98, 2000, XP
  • Standard LabPac32 DLL function library included
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LabPac32 Software Application Development Toolkit
  • Software Development tools for creating your own application
  • Comes complete with Device Drivers for Scientific Solutions products
    • WDM Driver Supports Win98, 2000, XP
    • LabPac32 DLL as the API
  • Software Developer Example programs
    • Compiled EXE programs
    • Source Code
    • Header files
  • C# Compiler
    • Same compiler used to make examples
    • Open Source compiler
    • C# is an object oriented, well-structured and managed language
    • Easy to create graphical software
  • Includes MicroSoft dotNET Framework
    • Allows you to compile programs to run in Windows
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