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LabMaster ® DC16 Expansion Unit

LabMaster DC16 (front view)
LabMaster DC16 Expansion (Front View showing the Sixteen 3.5mm (1/8") Analog Input connections)

The LabMaster DC16 Expansion Unit is used by SandMan and other applications to provide convenient connections to sixteen Analog Input signals.  On the front of the unit are sixteen 3.5mm MiniJack connectors, each connector providing an Analog Input.  On the back of the unit is a  DB25 connector to cable to the LabMaster SM64 multiplexor or the LabMaster DeskTop BNC unit. 

The design of the unit is such that each of the Analog Inputs are automatically connected to ground when there is not a cable plugged into its MiniJack.  This is a nice feature in that your unused Analog Input channels are automatically grounded which is very desirable.  On other units, such as those using BNC connectors, a shorting plug is normally required to ground unused Analog Input channels.

The layout of the MiniJacks is so Differential Input pairs are physically next to each other.  For example, if you are using the LabMaster in Single-Ended (SE) mode, then this unit provides sixteen Analog Inputs.  If you are using the LabMaster in Differential Input (DI) mode, then you have eight Analog Inputs with the differential pairs made by connections between the top row and the bottom row (D.I. pairs are 1-9, 2-10, 3-11, 4-12, 5-13, 6-14, 7-15, 8-16).

Each MiniJack connector provides analog signal and ground connections compatible with either mono or stereo plugs wired with the signal on the "Tip" and the ground on the "Ring" of the connector.

This product is useful for anyone who wants convenient MiniJack style connections for Analog Input signals for their LabMaster AD, LabMaster ADEX or LabMaster PRO data acquisition system.  For sleep diagnostic centers, a typical use is for the DC input signals.

For example, if you have a sleep lab using a LabMaster AD, LabMaster ADEX or LabMaster PRO and also have a LabMaster SM64 Analog Input Unit you can connect the DC16 directly into one of the four banks in the front of the SM64.  The LabMaster SM64 provides for up to 64 Analog Inputs on four standard DB25 connections.  The addition of the DC16 attached to one of the DB25 provides the Analog Inputs on convenient MiniJack connectors.

LabMaster SM64 with DC8 and DC16
LabMaster SM64 with a DC16 at Bank-1 and a DC8 at Bank-2 (Front view)

LabMaster SM64 with a DC16 at Bank-1 and a DC8 at Bank-2 (Back view)

A 3 ft cable (DB25M to DB25F) is included with the LabMaster DC16 Unit.
DB25 Cable

The LabMaster DC16 provides the following features:

arrow Technical Specifications

Resolution 16-bit
Input Range ±10V
Channel Count 16
Analog Input Connectors
3.5mm MiniJack (1/8")
Analog Configuration
Single-Ended and Differential-Inputs
Back Connection
DB25F socket
Physical Size
2" high x 5.25" wide x 5.25" deep
(51mm x 134mm x 124mm)

LabMaster DC16 (back view)
LabMaster DC16 (back view showing DB25F connector)