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LabMaster ® DMA DeskTop BNC

LabMaster DMA DeskTop BNC

LabMaster DeskTop BNC (Front View showing the BNC connections)

The DeskTop BNC provides convenient industry standard BNC connections for the LabMaster signals in a small compact desktop unit measuring only 11" wide by 4" high by 7" deep (280mm x 102mm x 178mm).

BNC connections are ideal for many applications. They are widely used and standard patch cables are easily obtained. They are rugged, yet easy to use and stay connected with the "twist-on" locking feature of the connector.

Quick-connect round cables connect from the LabMaster DMA PC Interface to the LabMaster DMA DeskTop BNC Unit, replacing the traditional ribbon cable connections.

Front of the LabMaster DMA DeskTop BNC Unit:

Back of the LabMaster DMA Desktop BNC Unit:

LabMaster DMA DeskTop BNC back panel

BNC Connections:
These are connections for signal input / output

LabMaster DMA - Computer Connections
These are connections between the DeskTop BNC unit and LabMaster DMA PC Interface:

DeskTop BNC - connection to the LabMaster DMA

The DeskTop BNC Unit for the LabMaster DMA provides a convenient "quick disconnect" cable arrangement from the PC Interface to the External ADC.  Compared to the Ribbon Cable Arrangement used in the past,  it replaces the several ribbon cables with a high-density round cable that permits quick and easy connection between the PC expansion card and the desktop unit.

A special card - the LabMaster DMA I/O card, snaps on the back of the LabMaster DMA and converts the many ribbon cable header connectors to a high density connector, demonstrated by the following pictures:

LabMaster DMA Quick Connect Round Cabling:

LabMaster DMA with I/O Card

<>LabMaster DMA PC Interface and I/O card (Shown separated)


<>LabMaster DMA PC Interface and I/O card (Shown connected and with cables attached) 

With the I/O card attached to the LabMaster DMA there are three connections available:

  1. High density connector that carries external ADC, Counter/Timer, Digital I/O Port A bits 0-4, Port B bits 0-4
  2. 3.5mm (1/8 inch) MiniJack connector for analog output signals
  3. 26 pin header for all Digital I/O signals - comes with internal cable from 26 pin header to standard DB25 with bracket (not shown in the previous picture, but is located on the top edge of the LabMaster card).

Most applications would only connect the High Density connector and the 3.5mm minijack connector from the LabMaster DMA to the desktop unit.  In this arrangement all signals are available except for Digital Port C and the upper 4 bits of Digital Port A and B.  For those applications that require all the Digital I/O signals, then a cable is connected internal to the computer from the I/O card to a standard DB25 connector on a bracket (included with product).  Then a 25pin external round cable (also included with product) connects from the DB25 connector to the desktop unit.

LabMaster DeskTop BNC Back View