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LabMaster ® DeskTop ST - BNC 20

DeskTop ST-BNC 20 Front View

LabMaster DeskTop ST - BNC 20 (Front View showing the BNC connections)

The DeskTop ST - BNC 20 provides convenient industry standard BNC connections for 20 of the LabMaster signals in a small compact desktop unit measuring only 11" wide by 2" high by 7" deep (280mm x 51mm x 178mm).

Internally, each BNC connector has two wires - one for signal, and the other for ground.  Also inside the unit is a full custom screw terminal that has "ALL" of the LabMaster signals.  This unit provides the user with the ability to "customize" the front panel connections.  Many applications don't need all of the signals that the LabMaster can handle.  The DeskTop ST-BNC 20 was created for those applications that just need a few of the signals (up to 20).  For those applications that need all of the signals, Scientific Solutions offers a different product, The DeskTop BNC unit

How do you configure the ST-BNC 20?  You can either order the unit pre-wired to what you want, or when you get the unit just open it up and make the desired connections from the back of the BNC connectors (wires already attached) to the internal screw terminals.  Inside the unit, you will also find a set of "stickers" that can be placed on the front panel under each of the BNC connectors.  There is a label for each of the signals available on the screw terminal. 

For example, if you wanted 16 Analog input signals, 2 Digital IN and 2 Digital OUT; then you could connect the 20 BNC connections to these signals.  Then you would use the AIN 0, AIN 1, AIN 2, ...AIN 15 and the DI 0, DI 1, DO 0, DO 1 stickers (assuming these are the digital connections you used) and apply these to the front panel.  That's all there is to it!

The DeskTop ST-BNC 20 provides the convenience of a fully-custom unit with the cost-savings of an off-the-shelf design.  You "mechanically program" the unit by wiring the 20 BNC connections to any of the signals on the internal screw terminal.  You choose the signals you want, in a small convenient DeskTop unit!

BNC connections are ideal for many applications. They are widely used and standard patch cables are easily obtained. They are rugged, yet easy to use and stay connected with the "twist-on" locking feature of the connector.

Front of the DeskTop ST- BNC 20 unit:

DeskTop ST-BNC 20 Front View
LabMaster DeskTop ST - BNC 20 (Front View showing the BNC connections)
This photo shows a unit that has been configured for 16 Analog Inputs, and 4 un-used connections

Inside the Desktop ST - BNC 20 unit:

Screw Terminal Close
Example picture of the screw terminals inside of the unit
ST-BNC 20 Label
Picture of the labels included with the unit (labels are pre-cut around the words!)

Back of the Desktop ST - BNC 20 unit:

DeskTop ST-BNC 20 Back View

LabMaster DeskTop ST-BNC 20 Back View (showing LabMaster Connection)