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ELMOTM Electric Motor Test Station

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The Scientific Solutions Elmo test system is designed for the durability testing of electric motors and systems.  As an example, you can use ELMO to perform 50,000 cycle testing on automotive electric windows.  The system will record the number of completed cycles and error cycles while it monitors stall-current and the time it takes to cycle the window up and down.
Elmo Photo
  • Support for up to 16 "Standard" Electric Motors
  • Support for up to 8 "Smart" Electric Motors
  • ELMO software allows easy test configuration
  • Monitor Voltage, Stall-Current, Travel Up/Down Time, Temperature

Applications Include:

  • Durability testing of automotive electric window motors

arrow Product Description

The Scientific Solutions Elmo test system is designed for the durability testing of electric motors and systems. The Elmo system incorporates a modular design for ease of expansion. The system contains software and programmable hardware to control electric window motor UP/DOWN position, detect stall over-current conditions and monitor failures. It consists of a self-contained computer incorporating a Scientific Solutions data acquisition system that connects to a Master Control Unit (MCU). The MCU has one connector for cabling back to the computer and four additional connectors for cabling to Device Control Units (DCU). Each DCU can control up to four devices. A fully configured system, can simultaneously test 16 electric window motors, i.e. four "virtual" cars when used for automotive electric window testing.

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arrow Functional Description

The ELMO system takes a user supplied voltage source and cycles this voltage to the motor connections on the Device Control Units (DCU).  The motor connections can have the voltage present, absent or reverse polarity depending upon the requirements of the motors under test.   The test software provides full configuration control of the test including determination of the motor end-of-movement by time or stall-current.  Once a motor cycle test is started it can be stopped or paused by the user or automatically when a motor device fault is detected.  During a test, a log file is created for later review in determining pass/fail modes.

arrowAnalog-to-Digital Conversion (ADC)

The ELMO system uses the LabMaster 16 bit Analog-to-Digital conversion circuits to measure various parameters including user supplied input voltage and motor current.

arrow Digital Input/Output (DIO)

The ELMO system uses the LabMaster Digital I/O circuits to provide process control during the test.  Digital I/O controls the selection of the motors to test, the set/reset function of the internal over-current protection circuitry and the polarity reversal of the user supplied input voltage.

arrow Temperature Measurement

The ELMO system also has the capability to make temperature measurements.  A special 3.5mm connection is provided for each motor.  A Scientific Solutions Temperature Probe is used with this connection.  The probe can be physically located on the motor to measure motor temperature or to a location near the test to measure ambient.  Such measurements may be important as performing a 50,000 cycle test at 30 seconds per cycle can produce significant motor heating and possibly eventual motor failure if adequate cooling is not provided.

arrow Technical Specifications

+Voltage Input requirement

+10v to +15v, 25 Amp per active stalled device

U/D Output Signal

Software controlled polarity
+V at 25 Amp maximum current output

U/D Output Connection:

Banana Jack pair, 25A rated.

T Input Connection:

3.5mm Stereo Jack

Temperature Probe

-40º Celsius to +125º Celsius (+/- 2º C)
-40º Fahrenheit to +257º Fahrenheit (+/- 4º F)
3.5mm Stereo Plug connector

Computer System

Universal Switching Power Supply
90-220VAC, 50/60Hz


Operating Temperature

0º to 70º Celsius

Storage Temperature

-25º to +85º Celsius

Relative Humidity

To 95% non-condensing

Agency Approvals

FCC Class A, CE-Mark