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ELMO - ELectric MOtor test environment

The Scientific Solutions Elmo test system is designed for the durability testing of electric motors and systems. The Elmo system incorporates a modular design for ease of expansion. The system contains software and programmable hardware to control electric window motor UP/DOWN position, detect stall over-current conditions and monitor failures. It consists of a self-contained computer incorporating a Scientific Solutions data acquisition system that connects to a Master Control Unit (MCU). The MCU has one connector for cabling back to the computer and four additional connectors for cabling to Device Control Units (DCU). Each DCU can control up to four devices. A fully configured system, can simultaneously test 16 electric window motors, i.e. four "virtual" cars when used for automotive electric window testing.
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Applications Include:

ELMO Product

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Elmo Master Control unit
LabRack computer System
LabRack Computer System and Master Control Unit

The LabRack Computer System and the Master Control Unit are generally supplied as a set, since each test system requires one of each
    Product Includes:
  • Computer System
  • Operating System (Pre-loaded)
  • LabMaster PC Interface pre-installed
  • Cable to connect LabMaster to Master Control Unit (MCU)
  • Elmo Control Software (Pre-loaded) with one year software license
  • US 110v power cable (others available on request)
  • Master Control Unit (MCU)
    Features Include:
  • Full automatic testing of standard motors and smart motors
  • Error logging
  • Configure test for total time or total number of cycles
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Elmo Manual (html)

Elmo Manual (PDF)

Elmo Device Control Unit
Device Control Unit

The Device Control Unit (DCU) connects to the MCU and provides for four (4) motor connections.

    Product Includes:
  • Device Control Unit (DCU)
  • Cable, 3 ft., to connect DCU to MCU
    Features Include:
  • Supports four (4) "standard" motors or two (2) "smart" motors
  • Connect up to four (4) DCU to a single MCU
  • Front LED indicator to identify DCU number (1 to 4)
  • Front 3.5mm for each motor connection (4 total) to measure temperature


Elmo Temperature probe
Elmo Temperature Probe
The Device Control Unit (DCU) connects to the MCU and provides for four (4) motor connections.

    Product Includes:
  • Elmo Temperature Probe
  • Cable, 12 ft., to connect temperature probe to DCU
    Features Include:
  • Easy to connect temperature probe using standard 3.5mm stereo cable
  • -40º Celsius to +125º Celsius (+/- 2º C)
  • -40º Fahrenheit to +257º Fahrenheit (+/- 4º F)

ELMO Accessories, Calibration & Maintenance

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Calibration Services
  • Yearly Calibration recommended
  • Complete component level and system level calibration


Elmo Software Maintenance
  • Yearly Maintenance Fee Required
  • Maintenance assures correct product operation

Cable, 68pin 6Ft. Cable, 68pin HD, 6ft
  • Replacement part for lost or damaged cable
  • Cable used to connect the LabMaster in the computer to the MCU
  • Cable normally comes with the LabRack Computer System
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Cable, 25pin, 3ft
Cable, 25pin, 3ft
  • Replacement part for lost or damaged cable
  • Cable used to connect DCU to MCU
  • Cable normally comes with the DCU
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Cable, 3.5mm, 12ft
  • Replacement part for lost or damaged cable
  • Cable connects Temperature probe to the DCU
  • Cable normally comes with the Temperature Probe
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