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LabMaster ® DPCI Screw Termination

Lab Master DPCI Screw Terminal Unit with Card
LabMaster DPCI PC Interface Card shown with Screw Termination DeskTop unit

Inside LabMaster DPCI External Unit
Inside the DeskTop unit is the LabMaster External Card and the Screw Terminal board.

Description of the LabMaster DMA Screw Terminal Product
The LabMaster DPCI product consists of two cards; The LabMaster DPCI PC Interface which is installed inside the computer, and the LabMaster DPCI External card which is housed in a DeskTop unit away from any internal computer noise.  In this configuration we have also added a full custom screw terminal inside the DeskTop unit.

The DeskTop unit has a screw terminal pair (signal and ground) for every LabMaster DPCI signal including:

A light on the front of the DeskTop Unit illuminates to indicate the presence of power.

All of the data acquisition cirucits A/D, D/A, Digital I/O , Counter/Timer are external to the computer and are controlled by the LabMaster DPCI card in the computer using a single quick-connect round cable.  The LabMaster DPCI is 100% register level compatible to the original PC LabMaster product introduced in 1981.

LabMaster DPCI Screw Terminal DeskTop unit:
The DeskTop unit is about 11" wide x 7" deep x 2" high (280mm x 180mm x 50 mm).  The front of the DeskTop unit has slots for signal wires. 

Lab Master DeskTop Unit Front View
Front View of DeskTop unit with slots for wires to connect to the internal screw terminals.

Inside the DeskTop unit is a full screw terminal.  To access the screw terminal, clips in the four corners of the top are "popped off" with a small flat-bladed screw driver.  Under each clip is a philips screw that is also removed.  Be sure to save and not loose the screws as they are metric thread and difficult to replace.

remove top 1    remove top 2

remove top 3    remove top 4 

There are two cards inside the unit, the LabMaster DPCI External Card and the Screw Terminal card.  These two cards are connected with ribbon cables, so when the top is lifted off it is best to place it behind the unit.  Try to keep the front and back panels on the bottom piece and fold the top over towards the back.

Inside Lab Master DPCI External Unit
Inside View of DeskTop unit showing LabMaster DPCI External card and the Screw Terminal board

Close up of Screw Terminals

Close Up View of Screw Terminals inside the DeskTop Unit.

The Back of the DeskTop unit has connections for the LabMaster DPCI PC Interface and for the power supply.  The LabMaster connection is a DB25 pin connector.  The power supply uses a 2.1mm positive center post connection.  The LabMaster DPCI requires a 5v power supply that is also provided with the unit.

Lab Master DPCI DeskTop ST Back View
Back View of the DeskTop unit showing connections for the LabMaster PC Interface and the power supply

The LabMaster DPCI Card:
The LabMaster DPCI card is a small card that installs into a 32-bit PCI slot.  It is approximately 2" x 4" (50mm x 100mm).  The card has a single DB25 socket connector.

LabMaster DPCI Card
LabMaster DPCI PC Interface shown.

Connecting the LabMaster DPCI and the DeskTop Unit:

DeskTop Power Supply

Lab Master DPCI to DeskTop Cable
DeskTop Unit Power Supply
 (Included with product)
LabMaster DPCI to DeskTop Cable
 (Included with Product)

Lab Master DPCI Shown Connected
LabMaster DPCI showing power supply and DeskTop unit connected