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LabPac32 ® for Windows

Optimize your Windows based research and industrial applications using Scientific Solutions family of data acquisition and control products with LabPac32 for Windows - a sophisticated 32-bit kernel mode device driver and DLL function library.  Simple functions handle event counting, precision timing, analog input, analog output, digital input and digital output. LabPac32 uses a standard Dynamic Link Library (DLL) as the Application Programming Interface (API) allowing any language that runs under Windows 98, 2000 or XP access to its various functions. The LabPac32.DLL, the application programming interface, is a consistent library that is used across the Scientific Solutions product line.  This means for example, if you have a LabPac32 based application running on a LabMaster DMA ISA card, it could run with little or no modification on a LabMaster PRO PCI card - providing an easy migration path from one technology to the other.

Scientific Solutions PowerTag® technology is embedded in the LabPac library. PowerTag works within LabPac to provide sophisticated data tagging such as with the LabMaster PRO Analog and Digital Output signals.  With PowerTag, the data to update is automatically selected and "tagged" when the LabPac call is made to perform an Analog Output or a Digital Output.  This "tagging" allows for the Analog and Digital data to be packed in memory in the desired order with the destination tag data embedded with the sample data.  The on-board processor of the LabMaster PRO card uses the tag data to determine the destination function (Analog Out 0, Analog Out 1, Digital Out, etc.).

LabPac32 for Windows Product

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Windows Device Driver and LabPac32 DLL
  • Device Drivers for Scientific Solutions Hardware
  • 32-bit kernel mode driver
  • WDM driver supports Win98, 2000, XP
  • Standard LabPac32 DLL function library
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