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Products for Motion Simulators

Scientific Solutions has been providing products to the miltiary and civilain aircraft training industry as well as the entertainmnet motion simulation market since the early 1980s.  Scientific Solutions products have been used by various equipment manufacturers including
The product of choice for these systems has been the Scientific Solutions LabTender family of products.

The original version of the LabTender introduced in 1981 was a full size card.  The newer version is physically much smaller - but maintains 100% compatibility with the original version.
LabTender old vs. new
The newer version retains the same 37 pin ribbon cable connections of the original, which allows you to replace the older card with a newer card without having to change any wiring.  Also your existing software will run without requiring any modification or upgrade.

The new version remains compatible, but yet adds some additional features including:

NOTE: 340hex base address in the FAQ section
Look at AST configuration for more information

Scientific Solutions Motion Simulation Products

Product Overview
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LabTender Card
LabTender card without Timer / Counter Feature

    Product Includes:

  • LabTender card for ISA computers
  • Includes Win-32 devices drivers and LabPac32 library

  • This version is for installations that DO NOT require the Timer/Counter feature of the card. 
    This is the version of the LabTender used by Motion Simulation Products.

    Features Include:

  • 32 channels of 16 bit ADC data
  • 16 channels of 16 bit DAC data
  • 24 bit Digital I/O with over-voltage protection
  • Supports 8/16 bit ISA bus
  • Small Physical Size, 8.75" long (223 mm)
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Manual (html)

Manual (PDF)

Scientific Solutions Motion Simulation Accessories

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ISA Bracket Set
  • Replacement parts for lost or damaged card bracket
  • Consists of three pieces
    • Card retaining bracket - attaches card to the computer
    • Cable alignment bracket - provides a backing for the ribbon cables
    • Cable retaining braket - clamps ribbon cable for strain relief
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Cable, ribbon 34 pin, unterminated
  • Ribbon cable
  • 34 pin header on one end
  • Un-terminated wire on  other end
  • Cable can connect to any of the cards connectors
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Windows Device Drivers and LabPac32 DLL (included with card)
  • 32-bit kernel mode driver
  • WDM driver supports Win98, 2000, XP
  • LabPac32.DLL function library
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LabPac32 Software Application Development Toolkit
  • 32-bit kernel mode driver
  • WDM driver supports Win98, 2000, XP
  • LabPac32.DLL function library with full documentation
  • Software Developer Example software
  • Header files
  • C/C++ open source compilier
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LabPac for DOS
  • DOS TSR Function library
  • Callable from any language

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