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LabMaster ® Screw Termination Unit

Unit with 64 Analog Inputs

This Screw Termination Unit provides a convenient custom screw terminal for easy and quick discrete signal connection in the lab. The screw terminal is housed in a small footprint desktop unit and connects to the LabMaster PC Interface with a single cable.

This screw termination includes 64 analog inputs!

This unit has a screw terminal connections for the following LabMaster signals:

The front of the desktop unit contains openings for cables to gain access to the internal screw terminals.  The back of the unit contains the connector for the LabMaster PC Interface. The unit connects to the LabMaster PC interface using the single high-density shielded cable provided with the LabMaster card.

The Screw Terminal unit is available with either a 60 pin or a 68 pin connection to your LabMaster card.  If you have a LabMaster AD or ADEX, then you will want the 60 pin version.  If you have a LabMaster PRO, then you will want to be sure and get the version that matches the connection on your LabMaster PRO card.

LabMaster Screw Terminal Desktop Unit
Front View - showing slots for signal wires

LabMaster Screw Terminal DeskTop Unit
Back View - showing connector to PC Interface

LabMaster PC board connected to the Desktop Unit

Inside the LabMaster Screw Terminal Unit

Close Up view of screw terminals