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Stepper Motor Controller

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The Scientific Solutions Stepper Motor Controller provides two intelligent control axes and provides 4-phase and Step & Direction output for use with full, half, or quad-step motor drivers.

  • 2 Independent, Intelligent Stepper Motor Axes
  • 32 Lines of Buffered Digital I/O
  • User's guide with test software

Applications Include:

  • Telescope Control
  • Laser Marking Systems
  • Micro Pumps aor Dispensers
  • LabMaster Mixer Implementation

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Two intelligent control axes (CY525 Stepper Motor Controller ICs) provide 4-phase and Step & Direction output for use with full, half, or quad-step motor drivers.  Each programmable controller has a 64 byte instruction buffer.  Programmable step rates range up to 10,000/second with excellent ramp up/slew/ramp down characteristics.  16 lines each of Digital I/O and hardware interrupts complete this multi-purpose control product.  Test software is included that provides a simple windowed environmnet to check out the system and develop the CY525 command sets to control your motors

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Stepper motor control and digital functions interface to external equipment through ribbon cables from up to six 16-pin header connectors.  A restraining clamp holds the flat ribbon cables in place.  Software uses sixteen 8-bit I/O locations (IN/OUT instructions).

Control Axes:
Each axis is controlled using the Cybernetic Microsystems CY525.  The CY525 program buffer (64 bytes) internally stores instruction sequences (27 commands).  Combine with other software controlled functions to provide a powerful, flexible controller.  Program delays between 1 msec. and 65.5 seconds.  Run any motor with drivers that use 4-phase, 2-phase, or Step & Direction format (TTL).  Additional features include home sensor inputs, limit switch control, external switches, or slew and status I/O lines.

Digital I/O:
Use the sixteen lines of buffered TTL input for slip detection, limit switches, triggers, or position indicators.
Use the sixteen lines of latched TTL output for driving encoders, relays, auxiliary motors or LEDs.

arrow Technical Specifications

System Resources
Bus Interface Single 8 or 16-bit ISA slot
IRQ Channels
Selectable IRQ2 to IRQ7
Address Selectable to any I/O address
Address Space 16 I/O locations
Bus Load 1 TTL load/bus line maximum
System Power +5v, 250 mA typ
+12v, 65 mA typ
-12v, 58 mA typ

Environmental Specifications
Operating Temperature 0º to 70º Celsius
Storage Temperature -25º to +85º Celsius
Relative Humidity To 95% non-condensing
Agency Approvals Class A, CE-Mark