LabPac® DI Cartridge Filter 17″ (0301168)


LabPac® De-Ionization Cartridge Filter (DI Column)
Full Size for Ionic Testing (about 17″)
For use with “Hose Clamp” or “O-Ring” seals (see pn: 0301204)

  • OmegaMeter 200, 500, 600, 600R, 600SMD
  • Alpha Metals and Kenco series
  • Other systems using the larger cartridge
  • Other PN: 72-1620, RI921000, 92-1000, FP-92-1000

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The DI Cartridge are cylindrical shaped plastic tubes filled with a mixture of Hydroxide form Anion exchange resin and Hydrogen form Cation exchange resin beads. When the Test Solvent (Typically 75% IsoPropyl Alcohol and 25% DI H20) passes thru the cartridge, ionic contamination is removed from the Test Solvent and absorbed by the beads. This results in cleaning and De-Ionizing the Test Solvent. Over time the beads will become saturated with the contamination and can no longer clean the fluid, at which time the cartridge needs to be replaced. In other words, the DI Cartridge is like a filter and removes contaminants from the system and will eventually become dirty and require replacement.

In normal use, the cartridge will provide approximately 12 to 24 months service. Actual life will depend on the number of tests performed and the amount of contaminants captured by the filter.

It will become obvious when the cartridge needs to be replaced as it will no longer be capable of regenerating Test Solvent to a high MegaOhm-cm resistivity purity. The DI Cartridge has an expiration date that helps you know when it should be replaced.

Before you place your order, you need to determine the following:

  1. What size Cartridge does your system use?
    • Large 17″
      • OmegaMeter 200, 500, 600, 600R, 600SMD and others
      • Alpha Metals, Kenco, SCS machines
      • Other Part Numbers: 0301168, 72-1620, 721620, R921000, 92-1000, FP-92-1000
    • Midsize 12″
      • OmegaMeter 600sc, 700SMD, OM620SMD
      • Ionograph 500M, 500 SMD, SMD II, SMD III, SMD IV, SMD V
      • Other Part Numbers: 0301188, 72-1619, 721619, RI920601, 92-0601, FP-92-0601, SA-98-6275

  2. How many Cartridges does you system need?
    • Most use 4. Some use as many as 8, while others only 1
    • OmegaMeter 700SMD uses 8 midsize
    • OmegaMeter 600, 600R, 600SMD use 4 large
  3. Does your Cartridge use Hose-Clamps or O-Rings?
    • Take a look at your system . . .
      • If your system uses Hose-Clamps on the DI Cartridge, then you should be able to re-use the existing Hose-Clamp on the new replacement Cartridge
      • If your system uses O-Rings, then you will want to replace the O-Rings at the same time your replace the DI Cartridge. You need two O-Rings per DI Cartridge. We sell the O-Rings in a 2 pak.