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Creators of the LabMaster® series – World’s First PC Data Acquisition products!


The Design, Manufacturing and Support of Scientific Solutions® products are all performed in-house by Scientific Solutions® engineers and technicians at our own facilities that are proudly located in the USA.

Since 1972 Scientific Solutions has provided measurement and control products to a diverse worldwide customer base.

A lot has changed in 51 years, but what remains the same is Scientific Solutions’ commitment to our customers, our employees and our country. God Bless America !

As a leader in Data Acquisition Test and Measurement, Scientific Solutions In 1981 was the first company in the world to provide add-in products to the newly introduced IBM PC.

In fact, Scientific Solutions (aka Tecmar) engineers camped outside the Chicago Sears Business Center and purchased the very first two IBM PC’s to be sold anywhere. Six weeks later the company had 20 PC products for sale at the 1981 Las Vegas COMDEX show.

These “first 20 products” started the PC based instrumentation & control revolution and include: the first IEEE-448 card (IEEE-488-CL), first data acquisition product (LabMaster®), first digital I/O card (BaseBoard®), first DOS software driver and application (LabPac®) and 17 other products. The LabMaster® series was awarded Test & Measurement World’s “Best in Test” and “Product of the Decade” 1981-1991.

The LabMaster®, BaseBoard®, LabTender®, IEEE-488, Dadio®, LabPac® brand products are the longest selling and supported products in the computer based test, measurement and control industry.

Industrial automation, measurement and process control

Scientific-Solutions® for Manufacturers and Industrial Measurement and Control

Power Generation

Monitoring equipment in the utility power generating environment, be it nuclear, hydro, fossil fuel, wind or solar is a critical part of “the grid” and its massive, complex network of transmission lines, generation facilities and transformers across North America and around the world. Scientific Solutions is a proud supplier to the power generation industry.

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Automotive Testing

The Scientific Solutions Elmo test system is designed for the durability testing of electric motors and systems. Although designed with special emphasis for testing automotive window motors, it can also be sued for testing other motors as well. The system includes the LabRack® Computer system, LabMaster® PRO data acquisition system, Master Control Unit (MCU) and Device Control Units (DCU) to simultaneously test 16.

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Concrete Batching Control System

Scientific Solutions has been providing products for Concrete Batching Control and Cement Mixing Applications since the early 1980s. These products control and monitor the mixing of cement, aggregate, water and other materials by weight or volume to create the proper concrete mixture.

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Amusement Park Controllers

From the calm of the carousel, the chills of the haunted house, the terror of the demon drop, the nostalgia of the Ferris wheel, the serenity of the log ride, the insurance free thrill of the bumper car fender bender, or the white knuckle roller coaster – rides of the modern amusement park are controlled by Scientific Solutions.

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Let’s solve Your Problems

Scientific Solutions® for Life Sciences, Health Care and Medical Research

PsychoPhysiology (PP)

Pychophysiology is the study of the relationship between physiological signals recorded from the body and brain to mental processes and disorders. Scientific Solutions PP products employed by research labs, universities, government agencies and industry span studies of emotional perceptions, imagery, anticipation, and memory. These studies provide foundational data for research of anxiety, mood disorders, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and pain.

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Health Care

Monitor Systems

EEG Research

EEG Research Systems may be able to diagnose children as young as 2 with autism.

Advance DNA and Cancer Research

Drug research resulting in breakthroughs in better understanding of DNA and searching for cures for Cancers, Parkinson and other diseases;

Number ONE IN solving Problems

Scientific-Solutions® for Defense, Flight Simulation and Advance System Technologies


Surveillance and Early Warning Systems

Scientific Solutions provides surveillance and early warning systems the technology required for air defense & aircraft monitoring, detection and tracking of drone and UAV, anti-terrorism efforts and long-range UAV control and monitoring. These include early warning radars, threat detection equipment, electronic countermeasures and missile guidance systems.

NASA Space Shuttle Simulators

Controlling and monitoring NASA Space Shuttle Orbiter simulators that provide a realistic “astronaut-in-training” experience;

Advance Aircraft Flight Simulator Controllers

Stealth Technology

Scientific Solutions® provides
on-board control to the 
Navy Stealth ship “Sea Shadow”

Commercial Airline Simulators

Automotive Motion Simulation Testing Scientific Solutions® Elmo®

Customer Driven

Scientific Solution is customer driven to design, engineer, and manufacture World class products for “Solving Problems for Problem Solvers”®.

Public and private sector clients include:

The National Institutes of Health, U.S. Departments of Justice, Defense, Homeland Security, Energy, Environmental Protection Agency and NASA;

As well as major private companies worldwide in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, automotive, energy, food processing, aerospace, entertainment, manufacturing;

And of course universities, educational and teaching institutions around the world

And laboratories, medical and health facilities, Sleep Diagnostic centers and global R&D organizations, and many more.

Building excellent relationships

Designed, manufacturing, support

The Design, Manufacturing and Support of Scientific Solutions® products are all performed in-house by Scientific Solutions® engineers and technicians at our own facilities that are proudly located in the USA.

This gives us the ability to make custom changes to “standard” products – or to completely make custom products quickly and efficiently.

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