LabMaster Agricultural Crop and Livestock production, testing and control

Scientific Solutions’ LabMaster® measurement and process control systems for agricultural crop and livestock production of food and non-food products, provides a cost effective and versatile tool for the agriculture industry. Useful for food scientist in the laboratory, farmers in the field from seed to harvest, and food processing factories. The LabMaster® measurement system incorporates high channel count Analog-to-Digital, Digital-to-Analog and Digital input/output signals in addition to a highly accurate Counter / Timer system all under the control of a sophisticated multi-tasking computer central processing unit. The versatile system supports a multitude of different types of sensor to accommodate most any agricultural measurement and control task required.

Example applications include agriculture seed certification in universities and government departments of agriculture, soil dynamic testing for the farmer in the field for seed planting, irrigation control for best practices in water usage, dust segregation testing for livestock feed, combine yield sensing during crop harvesting, and wheat hardness testing for grain crushing and milling process on the farm or in the factory.

The LabMaster® acquisition system versatility allows easy expansion for many different agriculture uses such as soil temperature profiling for planting season, combine yield during harvesting, livestock feed automation, irrigation control and grain hardness testing for crushing and milling.

Data collection and processing control needs in agriculture are quite diverse. These needs are met with the Scientific Solutions LabMaster® measurement and process control systems. These systems handle a wide variety of analog inputs, produce a range of output voltages, include digital signal input and output capabilities, and provide general purpose counters for time-based measurements and control. In addition, these systems provide a cost effective, portable solution that easily interfaces a wide variety of sensors with a minimum of effort.

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