LabMaster ChopGPT AI for Food Portioning, Cutting and Sorting.

Scientific Solutions LabMaster® ChopGPT merges computer controlled real-time imaging hardware with advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) analysis and learning software for efficiently and accurately cutting, portioning and sorting poultry, meat (beef, lamb, pork), and seafood.

The LabMaster® ChopGPT AI engine built on top of OpenAI’s GPT-4 foundational large language models has been fine-tuned using both supervised and reinforcement learning techniques specifically for the food processing industry. The result is a highly intelligent and efficient processing station that produces portioned fillets, nuggets, chunks, strips, and fat-trimmed products. The process increases productivity, maximizes the use of the raw material, reduces waste and provides real-time analysis and metrics of the portioning, cutting and sorting process.

LabMaster® ChopGPT Artificial Intelligence “AI” engine with computer based Analog and Digital control and monitor capabilities is on the cutting edge of the market. The 3-stage system has advanced 3D imaging, computer controlled robotic water-jet cutting and robotic automatic sorting.

LabMaster® ChopGPT is an enclosed system where the bulk food sections are conveyed to the input stage 1. An advanced high-resolution imaging system with x-ray capabilities, scans the food section and creates a 3D image. The sophisticated AI engine analyzes the image to identify and localize the desired portions of meat, bone and fat (where the term meat refers to poultry, beef, pork, lamb, or seafood). The bulk food is then conveyed to stage 2 where the LabMaster embedded microprocessor controls a high-speed robotic water-jet cutting head to portion, slice, strip and/or cube the food section. The cut pieces are then conveyed to stage 3 where a robotic arm sorts and separates the good from the scrap and puts each into their own bin for further conveying to the output of the system.

The LabMaster® ChopGPT system features a rigid frame with servo-driven, linear motor positioning system. A closed-loop feedback system with linear scale encoders continually monitors the exact location of the food. The system meets high speed, high accuracy production challenges with highly repeatable performance and unparalleled configuration flexibility. The multi-stage conveyor allows for each stage to always be occupied for continuous flow. As food progresses from one stage to the next, the previous stage is filled with another food article and food that was in the next stage also progresses.

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