LabMaster ASRS Automated Storage and Retrieval System for Manufacturing and Distribution

Scientific Solutions’ LabMaster® ASRS is a family of scalable products that provide efficient and intelligent Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems to a wide range of customers; from the home and small office, to mid-size industries; and to large manufacturing and distribution facilities. The automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) uses Scientific Solutions LabMaster® ASRS computer based hardware and software to automatically store and retrieve items from a designated storage location. The system typically consists of a variety of components, including a storage rack or shelving system, a conveyor system, and an automated control system.

AS/RS systems are often used in warehouse and distribution environments, where large volumes of inventory need to be stored and accessed efficiently. The automated nature of these systems helps to improve speed and accuracy while reducing the need for manual labor.

The LabMaster® ASRS is a scalable family of products that offer Automated Storage and Retrieval systems to a wide range of customers; from the home and small office, to mid-size industries and to large manufacturing, production and distribution facilities.

The LabMaster® ASRS scalable design allows implementation of smaller-scale automated storage and retrieval systems that are designed for home use, such as robotic closet systems, automated garage storage systems, and smart storage solutions for kitchen cabinets and drawers. These systems use advanced technology, such as sensors, motors, and software, to automatically store and retrieve items, making it easier for homeowners to organize and access their belongings.

Scientific Solutions LabMaster® Automated Storage & Retrieval System Technologies include:

AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robots). Inventory is stored on movable shelving units that are retrieved and transported from storage to operator access by one or more autonomous mobile robots.

RCS (Robotic Cube Storage). Inventory is stored in bins stacked inside a cube. A cube-assigned robot sits on top of the cube to shuffle and sort to retrieve the desired bin and hence the desired item which is then picked out and delivered to the requesting person.

VBM (Vertical Buffer Modules). An enclosed storage system that rotates around a central mast and presents the tote containing the desire items to a person facing pick up area.

CML (Crane Mini Load). A single crane-mounted picking device is dedicated to a dense storage isle and fills a tote with desired items and delivers this “mini load” to a pick up point.

VLM (Vertical Left Module). Two columns of trays with a store/retrieve column between them. Items are shuffled to/from the left and right column to/from the center column where the center tray is then transported to/from the operator.

HCM (Horizontal Carousel Module). Storage bins mounted on an oval track (race track) which rotates horizontally to race the bin over to an operator.

VCM (Vertical Carousel Module). Series of columns that have bins that travel vertically around a loop track to deliver stored items to the operator at a front facing location.

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